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The good life philosophy

the good life philosophy

The good life philosophy, according to Alfredo’s amigo Yannick de Jager.

Sometimes we ask ourselves; what does ‘the good life’ essentially mean for us?
We think that living legit, is to be legitimate. Honest. Pure. To be yourself. And to do, what you love doing. No matter what that is.. we think that in itself is the only credible… and nothing else.

We like to to do the things we do, our way. The way we feel them. To follow the unqiue blue prints in the life we lead individually and to enjoy that same path collectively. We believe ‘the good life’ is about feeling ‘good’ and we believe that is a process. It’s not just the absence of illness or pain, or even to escape from death. It’s not just material wealth. It’s not about feeling safe or socially accepted or to stand out of the mass, because of money and power. It’s not about classifications or labels that you put on people or things.
The good life, for example, can be a feeling of being in harmony with nature… the ocean, which can bring periods of transcendent joy and a kind of love or energy that joins humans to all living things.
We embrace the good life as a feeling of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony that each of us can experience, even if only for short periods of time. To be aware of our words and actions, that shape our present and future. We see life as a challenge. We want to have fun embracing that challenge and appreciate the ride in the roller coaster that life ultimately is.
In essence, for us, ‘the good life’ means doing, what you love doing.

Good life, Gonzales life.

Words by Yannick de Jager & Alfredo Gonzales.


Alfredo Gonzales x Pony

This summer, a remarkable rendezvous between a man who owns an American sneaker brand and a little Mexican with a passion for socks led to an exceptional friendship based on a surprising shared obsession: STREET FOOD. Its smell, bite, feel, look and taste has now inspired a once in a lifetime collaboration. PONY x Alfredo Gonzales present you a very special sneaker: the HOT DOG!


Alfredo Gonzales x Eastpak

Design concept store GROOS asked señor Alfredo Gonzales to redesign 10 Eastpak bags. And of course Mr Gonzales said yes, for this project he teamed up with photographer Milou van Hoof, assistant Sanne de Wild en stylist Jip Bierings. Bags & Buttons…Buttons & Bags….Bags & Buttons…

Ricky Powell

Ricky Powell

Alfredo Gonzales is proud to present his new amigo. Ricky Powell!

Born and raised in New York City, Ricky Powell is a legendary photographer who specializes in the environmental portrait. Though Powell initially rose to fame because of his relationship with the Beastie Boys, he is well-known for his intimate photographs that have been featured in The New York Times, The New York Post, The Daily News, The Village Voice, TIME, Newsweek, VIBE, The Source, Rolling Stone, and more. Much has been said of Ricky Powell, all adding to the mystery with his enigma adding to the legend.
What we can factually state is that Ricky has photographed some of the best known Rap and Hip Hop artists of all time. From his time spent as the “fourth Beastie Boy” on tour with Def Jam, shooting the likes of Public Enemy, Run DMC and LL Cool J, his portfolio spans much wider than the rap enclave, with Cindy Crawford, Andy Warhol and Madonna amongst others making up his subjects.



From Alfredo with hot sauce. These are the things Alfredo loves.



Laura makes Alfredo very happy… even on thursdays! This is a late summer day in coastal LA with Laura Enever.



There is a new board in town! Bringing Skateboarding to Ethiopia.



Take a 3 minute vacation with Taylor Steele and Corona Extra, on Mexico time.



Today is a classic Alfredo day. The sun in shining, and the weather is sweet. Wheels spin over hot concrete. The water is fresh and the waves roll. The burgers sizzle and the beer is cold. A day with the amigos, the Alfredo way. Today is a good day, Gonzales day.



May we have your attention please. This is a special delivery for Kakkmaddafakka



Introduction episode of our amigo Yannick de Jager, as part of Protest’s project ‘Stories From Here To There’, following their teamriders on their journeys to get to their personal goals.



President Barack Obama ‘slow jamming’ the news on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.


Alfredo Gonzales Anniversary Party

This saturday the 24th of november Alfredo will celebrate the new 2012 collection.
Socks, art, music, fun, amigos and drinks. Alfredo loves it.

See you there! And check out the new collection here!

Reguliersdwarsstraat 37
Amsterdam, Holland
22:00 – 03:00


Mark Gonzales

Hi Mark,

Alfredo here! Thanks for your letter and your street pictures from Paris. I always like pictures where you’re rockin my socks. I will definitely post them on the website. Ready for your trip to Australia? Hope to see you soon. Good luck down under Mark, catch you on the flip side!


… Read more »


Big Easy Express

3 bands, 6 cities, 1 train, and thousands of miles of track…BIG EASY EXPRESS captures an incredible musical journey. Harkening back to the days of jubilant railroad revivals, of steam and steel, three bands set out in April 2011 to tour America by vintage train. L.A.’s Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Nashville boys Old Crow Medicine Show, and Londoners Mumford & Sons climbed aboard amid the massive rail yards of Oakland and set out for New Orleans on a “tour of dreams.” Stopping along the way to play sold-out shows in spots as diverse as San Pedro, California, and Marfa, Texas, BIG EASY EXPRESS documents the bands’ vibrant railway adventures; the high canyons, joyous crowds, blasted skies, late-night laughter, endless music…and a train that was bound for glory.


The vending machine socks

Alfredo is an avid traveler, and he’s a very busy little mexican. Life on the road means that more than the occasional meal is served to him via a vending machine. Halfway through a vending machine burrito Alfredo had a lightbulb moment… why not put socks in a vending machine? Shops are becoming more mobile and there are Pop Up stores popping up like popcorn on movie night. But Alfredo wanted to take it one step further, the ultimate Pop Up store that can pop up anywhere, anytime! So here it is folks, the worlds first lifestyle sock vending machine! Coming soon, here. There. And everywhere.


Alfredo x Amsterdam

Last week we headed to Amsterdam for a quick visit. What a city. After an early morning meeting we went for some killer burgers, and very satisfied we headed on to visit the most premium Amsterdam stores. First one was Jefferson Hotel, this shop looks like a raw city gentlemen’s living room, and on their fancy bookshelves you will now find the Alfredo Box. The second one was the well known Amsterdam skate store Ben G. There we ran into Alfredo’s amigos The Opposites, these guys have been rocking the big festival stages for years now. As always Alfredo hooked them up with a new stash, and ended the day with the release party of the new Fluff skateboard magazine.

Result: it was a GOOD DAY, GONZALES DAY!


Launchparty Video

For months we’ve been working harder than ever, days and nights, sometimes alone but mostly with the help of others. Finally the time had come to throw the launch party that we’ve been so looking forward to. And what a party it was! Oh what a night. There are so many people to thank, so on behalf of Mr. Gonzales and our crew, thank you guys! Thank you all so very very much, we did a great job together and we hope you will keep supporting and following Alfredo Gonzales in the future. We will keep you up to date on what’s going on and what’s to come on both our website and on Facebook.

Thanks again and hasta la proxima!



The White Album

At our launchparty Ivar took some ‘Good life, Gonzales life’ pictures.
Check them all out on Facebook.
Are you in one of the pictures? Use it as your Facebook profile picture!


Launchparty pics

It truly was a legendary night! Check out all the pics on Facebook … Read more »


Launch Party

NASA may launch space shuttles but we’re about to launch Alfredo Gonzales! The official launch party of Alfredo Gonzales will take place on the 4th of November in Staal WTC Rotterdam.

We can’t wait to finally present the Alfredo Gonzales brand to the rest of the world. The official launch presentation will take place at the magical time of 24.00, the perfect time for new beginnings.

After the presentation it’s all about a good Mexican fiesta! Alfredo’s uncles mariachi band had a prior engagement but don’t worry, like any good Mexican Alfredo’s got his … Read more »


Brand Movie

We made a movie… ok it’s a short movie, some people might call it a long commercial but we’re pretty damn proud of it. Alfredo Gonzales has been all over the world, but NYC will always hold a special place in his heart. NYC is where it all began. Before he told the world to get socked he socked it to the ‘Big Apple’ first. We took a camera out and about in Alfredo’s old stomping ground for an Alfredo style tour and caught up with some friends of his. He may be unknown to many, but he’s a legend to some. We hope that this clip will help people get to know Alfredo a little bit better.


Yannick de Jager

Yannick grew up in Scheveningen, Den Haag with salt in his veins. His dad was one of the first surfers in Holland and now Yannick is one of the best, and he’s getting ready to take over the world.


Tokyo snap shots

A shout out from our Japanese amigos! The food, the people, the culture, the history, its inspiration overload. After this small sneak peek into the good life in Tokyo Alfredo Gonzales knows one thing for sure, we’ll be back. Thanks to Genki Sunagawa, Futoshi Takano, Ikkei Takahashi and Simon van Wijk. Yes Yes Y’all!



The Z-Boys (Zephyr Competition Team) were a group of innovative skateboarders in the mid-1970s from Santa Monica and Venice, California. The aerial and sliding skate moves that the Z-Boys created were the basis for aerial skateboarding today. This group revolutionized skateboarding and extreme sports so we’d like to dedicate a sock to them, here’s to you BoyZ!
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As a ‘social entrepreneur’ he’s focused on exploring new ways to reach people without interrupting them. He’s used his Wallpaper Advertising business model to create and WeTransfer. Nalden’s blog is a daily source of inspiration for thousands of people from all walks of life, who like to stay ahead of the rest.


Ricardo Paterno

His skating career started in Capelle aan de IJssel near Rotterdam, and he quickly made a name for himself in the Dutch skating world. He’s won more than his fair share of contests but Ricardo says that his biggest win was the prestigious Amsterdam Am skate contest which he took out in 2009. Inspired by the likes of Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Stefan Janoski and Kenny Anderson, Ricardo is now one of the best skaters currently cutting up the concrete landscape of Holland and he’s become an inspiration to young Dutch skaters. He’s full of wicked, creative tricks and has a unique and dynamic skate style that combines technical skating elements with the flow of street riding.

Ricardo Paterno is sponsored by: DVS, Matix, BLVD skateboards, Thunder, Spitfire, Sevenply and of course, Alfredo Gonzales.


Good morning Mr Gonzales

Nothing says good morning like freshly baked banana bread, or the sweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee…  or hot girls in men’s shirts and Alfredo Gonzales socks. Good morning Mr. Gonzales!

Who was behind the lens on this saucy morning shoot? That would be the very talented Miss Zahra Reijs.



This may sound like a foreign swear word, but we swear its not. It’s the name of one of best indie bands around and one of the best things to come of Norway since…the paperclip. These guys are much easier on the ears.


Stripes red blue

Music is a big part of the good life. Alfredo has always wanted to start a band, he may not have any musical talent but he does have a great band name: ‘The Stripes’. It’s a great name for a band but also a great name for a line of socks. Feel the beat and tap that foot in ‘The Stripes.’
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NYC, the big juicy apple. It’s where it all began for Alfredo and this city will always have a special place in his heart. So when we got the chance to hit NYC with a team of creative young professionals we saw it as our chance to tell the world Alfredo’s story and he wanted people to see why New York means so much to him. It was a 5 day whirlwind tour, Alfredo Gonzales style. We hit all his favourite spots and caught up with old friends, made new friends, fans, enemies, former colleagues, former bosses, people who miss him and people who never got to meet him. Check out these photos of an unforgettable journey, the proof is in the (Spicy Mexican) pudding, the man is a legend.