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Alfredo wants to reward his amigos by introducing Alfredo Gonzales Buttons. They're like air-miles, but better and rounder and you collect them automatically with every purchase you make on this website. AG Buttons are automatically saved to your account, and you will have the option to use them for discount on your next purchase. Each time you make a purchase in the webshop you can choose to use all of your buttons, or use some of them and save the rest, or don't use them at all and save them for a rainy day.

Buttons only provide discount on the value of the products being purchased, never on shipping costs. When buttons and/or a promo code are used to collect discount, you will receive new buttons for the remaining amount of the discounted purchase.

Click here to create your account (just like at the bank, except with better socks). You can also sign in with your Facebook account which also works as a personal account on this website. Just click the Sign In button in the top righthand corner of this page to try it out.


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