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The Perfect Home Away From Home

Mexico City, Mexico

When traveling the world you're often looking for a nice home away from home. Alfredo would like to put a big fat stamp of approval on Ace Hotel as a superb accomodation for travellers. Any company that puts a qoute from The Clash's frontman Joe Strummer is doing it right in Alfredo's book!

"If you're after getting the honey, hey - then you don't go killing all the bees." - Joe Strummer

There is no honey without bees! Ace Hotel believes in taking care of guests with compassion rather than servility and cultivating joy to attract more joy. Such great ambition! Check out Ace Hotel accomodations in Pittsburgh, Panama, London, Downtown LA, Palm Springs, New York, Seattle and Portland..

Check out this cool collaboration Ace Hotel did with Piet Parra in room 1201 in New York.

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