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Alfredo's Favorites

Break Down The Wall

Mexico City, Mexico

"These cliches don't define us."

Corona aims to inspire Mexicans to overcome obstacles and challenges with new video ad 'The Wall'. In the video  Diego Luna jumps and climbs over buildings throughout Mexico City followed by other inspired individuals. Poking fun at the president-elect, the video holds an honest message: break your mental frontiers and keep progressing.

Leo Burnett Mexico, is the creative agency behind the campaing 'Desfronterizate' of wich 'The Wall' is a small but important part.

Halfpipe House

Pichilemu, Chili

Dream home for skateboarders and surfers on the coast of Chili.

WMR architects created this unique 200-square-foot property in Pichilemu, a coastal resort southwest of Santiago. The Merello House was built for a Chilean professional surfer and the house materializes his dream. A half pipe with a sea view in the middle of the property and the Pacific Ocean only a few footsteps away. The V-shpr pillars suspend the entire inner area of the house, protecting it from high tides and possible tsunami risks.

RIP Dylan Rieder

Westminister, United States

Last week Dylan Rieder passed away at the age of 28 after a long battle with Leukaemia.

The California local made waves with a solo Gravis part titled Dylan. The video is pioneering work, seen as a blueprint on how to look like you were born to skateboard.

Besides his natural skating style, Rieder was well known for his modelling and his general sense of style. Most notably he appeared in DKNY’s 2014 ad campaign.

His body of work is far too short, but it has a special place in the world of (and beyond) skateboarding. His influence in 28 years of life is inspirational.

Danny DeVito is A Curmudgeon

New York City, United States

Vimeo’s first Staff Pick Premiere is the stuff of legends.

Last week Danny DeVito dropped a 16 minute gem on Vimeo. The remake of the classic story of Curmudgeons was directed by DeVito and during the project he worked closely together with his son and daughter. The fact that the project was a family affair gives it a very original and non-Hollywood feel.

Spending to many words on something you should look at would be a waste, so grab some tissues and spend the next 16 minutes of your life right here.

Leaving comfort zone for greatness

Santa Cruz, United States

Robert Klem and Ken Davis combine there talents for a unique collective achievement.

Born from the fear of playing things safe, Adobe forces artists to work together outside of their comfort zone.

Ken Davis is a traditional sign painter and gold-leaf artist and for this collaboration he worked together with stained glass and tattoo artist Klem.

Born from their collective love for Motörhead, especially their late lead singer Lemmy Kilmister, the duo comes up with a one of a kind tribute. Check out there process and result right here.


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